How can I improve my social skills?

Here are some ideas to improve your social skills:

  • Love From Within

Before seducing others or falling in love with others, fall in love with yourself and close your emotional wounds of the past. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and give yourself your worth as a person. Social skills work best when you manage your emotions, your self-esteem is healthy and you have regained your personal power.

  • Take Care of Your Inner Dialogue

Your thoughts and words are a powerful energy, so if you watch your inner dialogues (more vital and optimistic), you’ll be better given social skills.

A vitaminic inner dialogue influences the way you talk and behave with others, especially when you are looking for a partner.

  • Dare To Overcome Fears

Overcome fear of the unknown. Dare to leave your comfort zone to work with your social skills and put them into practice in your social environment.

Your new partner is not going to arrive by magic, so it’s a good idea to organize your time to meet people like you who are single.

For example: sign up for places where you meet people with concerns like you. Don’t run, but take steps and enjoy the process.

  • The Body Speaks.

Relax your body before your first date. Relaxation and meditation techniques help your body behave more naturally when you are close to the person you like.

It helps to breathe consciously and deeply, creative visualizations, participate in some group meditation and / or yoga, without forgetting the physical exercise.

  • Take care of your physical appearance without obsessing.
    Do not pretend to be who you are not, so the more natural you are, the better.

It is positive that you take care of: your hair, your facial gesture, your hands and also the way you dress. 
Look for your own style and naturalness when dressing. Remember that if you are well inside, outside you will be too.

  • Cultivate Your Smile

The smile is the most beautiful thing a human being has. Learn to smile from the heart, discover your inner smile so that your social laughter comes out naturally and spontaneously. The laughter that you project, will influence in a relevant way in which a person notices you or not.

When you are with him or her, smile. Always smile naturally, sexy and cheerful. Forced smiles are noticeable and very much so.

  • Sincere Look

Just like the smile, watch how you look. The look is as relevant as a beautiful smile. Take care of your gaze and don’t be afraid to look into your eyes.

It’s not about invading the other person, but it’s about looking sincere, sexy and smiling. Practice your glances in front of the mirror and while you’re at it, have some fun laughs.

  • Watch the Conversations

Start a conversation naturally.

The best thing is reciprocity: everyone talks a little and if shyness makes its appearance, you can ask questions. What do you think of this? How do you see this? What do you think of? to continue the conversation and give it more sparkle.

Don’t just talk about yourself, as you may end up getting tired and it is interpreted as arrogance. It’s also disrespectful. Exercise the art of listening as well.

Don’t remain silent or silent for long either, because it is interpreted as shyness or that your mind is somewhere else, or even that you are dying of boredom.

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