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Stress kills; that’s a medical fact.  Stress overloads your body with hormones and brain chemicals that cause vital organs to deteriorate, impairs the immune system, and allows diseases to emerge. 

Too much high stress contributes to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer, migraines, insomnia, and more.  It interferes with clear thinking and makes anxiety, depression, panic, substance abuse and other emotional problems worse.

Flowering Quince promotes loving kindness

Flower Essence Remedies are a powerful tool for successfully handling everyday and extraordinary stress.  It’s a perfect addition to your InnerJourneyWork.Together we can review your stress level and your usual coping strategies. Then I can help you identify and learn new, more effective ways to deal with your stress triggers.This tool isn’t just for stress.  It is amazingly effective for many other issues as well.  I frequently take the Madia remedy when I can’t get my thoughts together to write my monthly Wisdom magazine column, and when I want to be coherent for my students.I’ve also used Evening Primrose essence when I wanted to  work on conflict with mother issues, and Morning Glory to help me get energized in the mornings.  There are tons of uses for these little plant spirits.To use Flower Essence Remedies, we first match your  personality and needs to one or more specific remedy made from English and North American flowering plants.  You will then receive the remedy or directions on where to purchase it, and exact instructions on how to use it.

Special OfferGuide to UsingFlower Essence RemediesAn absolutely free mini courseof emailed messages withall you need to know toselect and use aflower essence remedy.Sign up with the form below.IMPORTANT!!:  When you click on theGet More Info button below, you’llbe taken to a page from Get Responsethat asks you to consider subscribing toother things.  You do NOT have to do thatin order to get theGuide to Using Flower Essence Remedies.Just clicking the Get More Info button belowautomatically sends the subscriptionconfirmation email to your inbox.Click where this email indicates to confirmyour request for the Guide,and it will be delivered to you shortly.It’s easy, and it’s free.